LaLiga (USA) Inc

LaLiga (USA) Inc.

LaLiga (USA) Inc. will work to strengthen the global expansion of the competition and represents a further step in the internationalisation strategy of the best league in the world.

LaLiga has taken a further step in its international expansion strategy to become the benchmark in world football, with the creation of a US subsidiary. LaLiga (USA) Inc. was established in 2015 with the aim of strengthening the presence of the competition around the world, and especially in America, where 'soccer' is developing a higher profile.

The United States is one of the strategic countries within the growth framework of LaLiga with Carlos Pérez as Country Manager from the New York office.

Among the company’s objectives are:

  • Direct communication with TV broadcasters, helping them to better understand the value of LaLiga contents in order to maximize fans experience
  • Organizing and coordinating LaLiga events: LaLiga World, LaLiga Promises, LaLiga Ambassadors.
  • Promoting school networks based on collaborating with exiting schools
  • Fostering LaLiga trademark policies through sponsorship programmes and specific events links
  • Generating a direct premium channel with new audiovisual global players, mainly American companies, based in California and New York