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Women's football retakes centre stage in the LaLiga Santander Experience

Valencia CF's Dutchwoman Mandy van den Berg and the Portuguese comedian and influencer Diogo Bataguas took two really fun challenges to welcome the LaLiga Santander Experience to Valencia. Women's football was the clear winner!

Women's football once again took on the leading role that it deserves as part of the LaLiga Santander Experience. On this occasion the comedian and influencer Diogo Bataguas, invited to Valencia by Eleven Sports, the official LaLiga broadcaster in charge of covering games in Portugal, challenged the Valencia CF defender and current European champion Mandy van den Berg in two tests featuring plenty of nerves and a whole lot of laughs.

How did Diogo get on in the goalkeeper's role? Could he keep out the spot-kicks of Mandy and the rest of her teammates? As if that were not enough, the Portuguese influencer faced off with Mandy van der Berg in a challenge never seen before in the LaLiga Santander Experience. Who managed to list the most club names in just 30 seconds without repeating any? Find out in this fun video!

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