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Huesca never back down, LaLiga Promises included

We spent the whole day with one of the teams making their tournament debut in Villarreal. The excitement and desire to enjoy the experience are certainly motivating the club.

It's a time of firsts for the club, after their first LaLiga Santander campaign, first ever participation in the 26th National PAMESA LaLiga Promises Santander 2019 Tournament, first trip to Villarreal, first bout of nerves and that very first game.

It was certainly a special occasion for SD Huesca, the club's fans and the U12s who were taking part in the most prestigious U12 tournament in the country for the first time in their history. The competition pits all 20 LaLiga Santander sides against one another and Huesca made their debut with all the enthusiasm and ambition of a team taking their first steps into a new tournament.

The first team clinched promotion to LaLiga Santander for the first time last season, which allowed the U12 squad to head to Villarreal to embark on this experience. "It's a dream and a reward. It's the type of experience you have to enjoy. The best sides are in this tournament and you're up against players who could well become professional superstars in the future. Further down the line, they'll be able to say that they played here," explained Huesca coach Ivan Bara.

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